Since doing #Inktober last year, I’ve tried to maintain a routine of drawing in a sketchbook most evenings. Or if I don’t get round to drawing at least thinking through new things to draw.

It’s easy when you’re an illustrator to just draw for commission or spec work and forget to draw just for yourself. Don’t get me wrong I love a project and clients always bring something new to my skills, it’s just that sometimes it’s nice for a drawing to not have a purpose. My mum has always knitted this piece of wool that she undoes and re-knits over and over called her ‘pointless knitting’. She doesn’t want it to become anything because for her that will take away the enjoyment. I think that’s what I’m starting to use my sketchbook like!

So here are some examples of my ‘pointless drawing’ some may turn into something bigger one day but most will just be for fun and practising my drawing.

2 years ago