June antics

I have been pretty quiet on here for June but there’s been lots going on and not just in illustration terms. I’m still getting used to this whole bollocking on about myself thing that is blogging, so I don’t know whether a personal post is particularly interesting. Those of you who are interested this is what my June has been like.


If you don’t know already, for the past two and a half years I’ve been living with my mum in northern France, mainly to save money but also it’s so beautiful here I’ve not been in any great rush to move on. Myself and my business partner Alice have been working towards getting our books re-published with Jessica Kingsley Publishers so for a little while it’s been a waiting game for the first royalty payments.

Anyway, I’ve decided to move back to the UK this autumn as it’s easier for work and I miss a lot of my friends, so this summer is all about making some cash for a deposit on a flat. Mum and I decided that we would also treat ourselves to a little camping holiday so I pulled up Google Maps and just looked for an area of green within like 5 hours drive and I came across the Normandy- Maine National Park and a place called Guillaume Lac de Sillé. I booked it and we made our plans for what we were going to take etc.


At the same time, a friend from Arundel was posting about bar work for the 24 hrs race in Le Mans, so I messaged him and asked what the deal was but he’d already filled the position. Weirdly Lac de Sillé is like forty minutes or so from Le Mans so coincidentally the same area! A job actually opened up so I went to Le Mans and had such a good time! I was a bit nervous, I haven’t actually been around a lot of people, especially English people for a while so I wasn’t sure what it would be like. It was so good, I’m actually going back for the Classics in like 10 days. The team were so great and the customers were some of the nicest I’ve ever served, completely different from my speed bar days in nightclubs.


I swear though, I’m going to know Sarthe and Le Mans like the back of my hand by the end of this three week period as I’ve been going backwards and forwards like crazy!

So I got back from Le Mans, had two night’s sleep in a bed, then straight back in the car and into my tent to another campsite! Totally different experience this time though, we stayed at this place called Huttopia which was perfect in June because there was hardly anyone around, it was so peaceful and quiet. Mum and I took the dog, who was beside himself and seeing as he’d never stayed in a tent before, was so good!


It was nice to get away from everything and just drink wine and walk and swim in the lake. Take me BACK!

So I have no idea if that was of any interest to you, but that’s why I’ve been a wee bit quiet on here!

2 years ago